Saturday, July 5, 2008

Faux Finished Fireplace Mantels

Here are a few fireplaces that have been faux finished to look aged, antiqued and even restored back to brick using just paint.

Fireplaces are a focal point in any room. Refinishing them is a great way to update any living or dining space, especially if planning to sell your home.
"Fireplace was built-up using old mantel and plaster to repair and expand its size. Plaster was faux finished to look like existing mantel. New boxed in beams were painted to look old and cracked."
Metallic Finish Fireplace Mantel
"This fireplace brick was painted all white when we arrived. This is how we left it, matching the new d├ęcor."
"Custom Fireplace with Hand Carved Mantel and Faux Marble Finish"
"Faux Painted Fireplace, used to be white"
Faux Stone Fireplace


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