Thursday, July 31, 2008

Faux Fade Paint Finish

I found the above pictures on a site called The Art Department. The company was founded by Cindy Chin in 1988. The name comes from the wide variety of services that they offer.

The fade finish is one of my favorites, but really, I have many favorites.
I love the fade finish, because you can use any color combination from monochromatic colors to an assortment of different colors blended and faded into each other.

This finish was done by a company called Red Canary out of Wisconsin.
A blending effect was used to connect the 2 colors. This would also be considered a fade finish.

You can use almost anything to blend the colors, but the Woolie is my favorite. Be sure to mix your colors with glaze and use that to do the blending between colors.

Click the image to order The Woolie!


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