Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aged Wall Finish

Isn't this finish gorgeous? I love how they incorporated the verdigris green of the doors into the wall finish. It was done by Stephanie Tyree of Atlanta Faux Finish. Click the link to go to her site and check out more of her fabulous faux finishing work.
An aged wall finish is a great way to add a comfortable and lived in feel to any space. This finish can be achieved using almost any color.

I am not exactly sure how this artist achieved the above finish, because every faux finisher has their own special techniques, but I might use a rag or even cheesecloth to blend colors, adding darker tones in some areas and leaving other areas lighter where the base color would show through. Notice in the above picture that there were several different colors used. This finish would be great in a powder room - a great place to experiment for you do it yourself-ers!

My best bit of advice to anyone attempting to do any finish on their own, is to try your colors and technique on a sample board first. Happy Painting everyone!


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