Friday, July 18, 2008

Daycare Mural Ideas

I think that every Daycare and Childcare Center should have something fun and inviting painted on their walls. This gives a great impression to both child & parent. A mural can bring an element of excitement and anticipation. It can bring comfort and rest. It all depends on what theme you choose. Pick something soft and calming for a daycare nap time room. Pick something bright and full of life for a daycare playroom or lunchroom.

Here are a few mural theme ideas for different rooms:

  • Jungle
  • Alphabet (great for the reading space)
  • Animals
  • Planets & Space
  • Shapes & Colors (great for the craft space)
  • Under the Sea
  • Garden & Flowers
  • Sun, Moon, & Stars (great for the nap time space)
Even if your daycare does not have separate rooms, you can use murals to separate each section. A good muralist will know how to do this, so make sure they show you samples of their work and provide you with a preliminary design.


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