Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ragging Faux Finish Technique

I just recently finished a fun faux finish job for my church. I paint for them whenever they need me too (mostly murals). But this time, they asked me to do something decorative for their new Welcome Center.

I chose to do a classic faux paint finish called Ragging. It isn't as easy as let's say a color wash or sponging, but only because it can be hard getting the rag - JUST RIGHT. It takes some getting used to, but once you figure out how to manipulate the paint & glaze on the wall and get a rythm - you are good to go!

I went through over 25 rags in this room. I always change the rag once it gets too soaked with paint. This can cause the finish to get muddy and blotchy. I often like to use the really socked rags to get up into the corners where the wall and ceiling meet. But otherwise a fresh crumpled rag is the best - you can really see the texture.

With this project, I purchased bags of cotton rags from my local paint supply store, but you can also use old white T-shirts. They are the same cotton material. In the bag of rags, I actually found that their were some different thicknesses of cotton material. The best were the ones that were a bit thicker. The thin ones did not hold their shape well and didn't show much of that "ragging" texture.

Here is an example of what the finish looks like up close:

I was very happy with the outcome. It is a beautiful tighter finish that looks fabulous up close. And because this room will be used as a Welcome Center - I thought it would be a very welcoming look for new guests looking for more info about the church.

The number one tip I have for anyone attempting to do any faux paint finish for the first time is to practice with your color combinations on sample boards. I like to use a material called Polystyrene. And be sure to use a good quality glaze with a long open time (meaning that it doesn't dry fast). This will allow the glaze / paint mixture to be more movable - longer. The last thing you need is to have the finish dry on you before you have the chance to blend it.

Feel free to share your tips and ideas on the ragging faux finish. I would love to see examples of your own work! Comment below.


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