Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to Paint a Cloud Mural

There are differences when painting clouds on a ceiling or on a wall.

This is a picture of clouds in the sky, when looking up at them.

Ceiling Cloud Mural: - Dawn Papandrea-Khan

In this picture, we are looking out at the clouds. Notice how they get smaller - the farther they are away.

Wall Cloud Mural:

If painting a ceiling, you will need to paint the clouds as if looking up at them. If painting clouds on a wall, you will need to paint them as if looking out at them. Take notice of where the shadows are and where the light and dark tones are. Using a few different colors will give the clouds a more realistic feel.

Simple Steps in Preparing to Paint a Cloud Mural:

Choosing your blue base color. This can be tricky, because there are soooo many different blues. I would suggest grabbing a color chart and choosing a couple favorites. Grab some samples and practice on foam board before actually painting your walls or ceiling. You may want to choose a lighter blue for a nursery. You can choose gray blue, bright blue, turquoise blue - the possibilities are endless. Be sure to choose a blue that you are comfortable with and that will go well with the room's decor.

Painting the white clouds. After you have painted your sample boards blue, start adding your clouds. Mix white paint with glaze (1 part paint to 3 parts glaze). I like to use a great tool called - The Woolie. It is a wool pad with a handle attached for easy maneuvering. (See Below) Do not dip the Woolie directly into the paint, because it will soak up quickly with paint and be too wet to work with. Use a brush to dab white paint onto the sample board (or wall if you are confident & ready) and use the Woolie to blend and soften. Practive moving your wrist and you will get a rythm.

A few great tips:

  • Don't over-do it with the amount of clouds you add.
  • Use a picture as reference.
  • Keep the clouds random and not evenly spaced - this will help them look more realistic and believable.
Click on the picture below to get your own cloud making tool (The Woolie)


Dawn Rochelle Fields said...

I love looking thru your site! You have great tips for beginners. I too faux paint and love the woolie! It is a great tool! Between that and blue tape a faux finisher has most of what you need!

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