Sunday, June 29, 2008

Color Washing - An Easy Faux Finish

Color washing is my favorite faux finish, because it is quick and easy to do. It adds subtle color variations and a soft, natural glow to your walls. It is also great at hiding any small imperfections on the wall surface. Best of all, this finish can be done in ANY color.

Here is a list of what you will need:

- Paint
- 2 small buckets (to mix the paint & glaze colors)
- Paint Roller (to roll base color)
- Paint Tray
- 2 4" latex brushes
- Low tack painters tape
- Disposable latex gloves
- Drop cloth

1. Pick Colors - Choose colors that are 2-3 steps away from each other on a color swatch.

2. Prep walls - Repair holes and cracks with spackle, sand, spot prime

3. Tape - Mask off everything that is not to be painted such as baseboards, window seals and frames, crown molding and door jams.

4. Base coat - Paint the room with your base color. Allow it to dry overnight.

5. Mix glazes - Use your base color as one of the glaze colors and then mix your second color in a separate bucker. If you use your base color as a glaze color it adds to the softness of the finish. This is a great trick if you have made the walls too dark with your glaze, you can go in with the base color glaze and blend the colors.

6. Color wash - Apply darkest glaze color with your 4" brush working in a 3 foot area. Use random X or criss-cross strokes with your wrist.

7. Blend - this is very important. You will need to soften and blend the brush strokes when the glaze is still wet. Use a clean 4" brush and move the brush in a light random swooping motion.

You can wait till the entire wall is finished before adding a second color. You can also use both colors at the same time, which, in this case, you would want to use 2 brushes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Click Here

HGTV Article - How to Colorwash a Room

Step by Step Tutorial from Faux Like a Pro


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