Saturday, June 7, 2008

Painted Stripes

The above colorful stripes are by:, and the horizontal blue tone stripes are Homescape

What a creative way to add depth and dimension to a room with Painted Stripes.

Keep these in mind when choosing the color, width and size of your stripes:
  • Wider stripes have a more casual look
  • Narrow stripes have a more formal look.
  • Spaces with shorter ceilings - vertical stripes will make the room appear taller
  • Spaces with higher ceilings - horizontal stripes will make the room seem shorter
  • Tone on Tone stripes give a more subtle look
  • Use the same color in a flat & glossy finish will give an elegant look
  • Stripes of all different colors and sizes bring life to a room, great for teen room or laundry room
Here are a few pictures I found on the internet of some beautiful painted stripes:

This one is of horizontal painted stripes with silver metallic tiny stripes separating the colors. Gorgeous!

I love these soft pastel tones in this nursery:

Demi's Princess Suite - HGTV

What a great idea to add a painted vine going up each lighter toned stripe:

This is my work -

Check out these great Do It Yourself articles on How to Paint Stripes:


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