Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bellagio Faux Finish

I recently was asked a question about the Bellagio Faux Finish Technique. Because I had not yet done this particular finish, I did some research and found some great step by step videos from Expert Village. The Bellagio finish uses layers of tinted plaster that are both troweled and brushed on to give a dimensional look. You can use any color combination and even add in some metallics for added depth.

Video #1 - Supplies needed for the Bellagio Finish

Video #2 - Basecoating with roller

Video #3 - Tinted plaster laid on with a trowel

Video #4 - Adding depth with a darker color

So, there ya have it. Pretty easy right? And this finish can be done in any color. Just follow the simple steps and you are on your way to a professional looking faux finish that looks like it should be in the Bellagio!

Here is a great example of a Bellagio finish done by an artist friend of mine named Ellen Leigh.

How about this golden toned bellagio finish done by Mural Magic?

You can even add a layer of metallic plaster or glaze - adds depth and dimension.


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