Monday, August 11, 2008

Frottage Faux Paint Finish

I met with a client today who had chosen a beautiful and bold faux finish from this book. The finish is called Frottage Painting.

Frottage is a French word meaning 'to rub', and that is exactly how this finish is achieved - by gently smoothing sheets of paper against the wet glaze, and swiftly pulling it away to reveal the base color underneath.

Here are a few step by step instructions on how to achieve this gorgeous finish.


1. Tape - Using low tack painter's tape, tape the top and bottom of the walls. You don't need to tape corners if you are going to use this technique on adjoining walls.

2. Base Coat - apply two coats of pearl or satin finish paint. Allow each coat to dry according to the directions on the paint.

3. Prepare Paper - Crumple sheets of newspaper and then open them up. Let the wrinkles set while you prepare the glaze colors.

4. Glazing - Using separate rollers, apply the glazes in randomly sized blocks over an area about 3 by 3 feet. The blocks should meet each other.

5. Papering - Work as fast as you can and press the wrinkled paper into the wet glaze, then lift off.

6. Seal - apply water based varnish sealer to protect the finish.

Here is what the publisher is saying about this book.

Decorative Paint & Faux Finishes by Sunset is full of new techniques, tips, color ideas, and textured treatments for walls and other surfaces that need fresh paint—and a touch of decoration! Are color choices keeping you from getting your project started? Fret no more! This beautiful book offers pages and pages of full-color photographs that provide suggestions on color combinations for a variety of room shapes and sizes. If you’re buying a newhome or updating an old one, this comprehensive guide has you covered!

Be sure to grab this book, so you can see for yourself what


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