Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wet on Wet Color Wash Faux Finish

As a professional faux painter, the Color Wash is one of my favorite faux finishing techniques. It is quick and easy and adds a subtle and elegant feel to walls that were previously bland and lifeless. It adds depth and dimension. It gives walls just a hint of SOMETHING as opposed to just a regular one color paint job.

A colorwash can be done with almost any combination of colors. I often play with paint colors that I already have, to come up with something unique. Practicing first is very important because once the paint is on your wall it isn't always easy to get it off without starting over.

There are a few different ways to do a colorwash and many more tools. But in this post I will be discussing the wet on wet color wash technique. This is when you start with a clean slate (boring white or beige colored walls) and you mix the glaze colors directly onto the wall and blend.

My favorite tool to use for color washing is The Woolie, but in the wet on wet colorwash, the best tool to use is a Soft Bristle Brush.

I came across a great video on the wet on wet color wash by Faux Like a Pro. (They offer great Faux Finish Painting products, by the way). Here is a list of things that are discussed:
  • 2 color color wash
  • Need long open time glaze
  • Wet on wet technique
  • 5 parts glaze to 1 part paint
  • Use soft brush
  • Long Sweeping / Broad Strokes
  • Start with dominant color
  • Space between colors
  • Final pass is with clear glaze to blend
  • Blend wet glaze with bristle block brush

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Mom Of Faith said...

We did this once when I still lived at home...it didn't turn out "bad", but lets just say WE aren't artists. This picks look fabulous!

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