Monday, August 25, 2008

Dining Room Mural and Decorating Ideas

I found this mural on The artist painted this mural in a New York City townhouse. It is a Chinoiserie style mural which (according to Wikipedia) is a French term, signifying "Chinese-esque" reflecting chinese artistic influences. I love the tent style ceiling and the twisting sprouting trees.

I found the following two murals on a site called the Mural Resource Project which was created by the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.

This first room is so subtle with the soft pastel colors. It is the perfect backdrop for the ivory dining room furniture and decorative chandelier.

This dining room / kitchen mural takes you straight to Tuscany with the warm tones of color and the faux stone. I love the depth of this painting. It looks as if you are actually looking down a cobblestone walkway towards the arched entrance to the countryside. You can do a lot of dreaming while cooking & eating in this space.

Another beautiful landscape scene. I found this one on I love how the artist Dana Blanchard captured the reflection of the trees on the water.

Artist Don Tolman was commissioned to do this mural by his mother. It depicts the changing seasons going around the room.

So those are just a few creative ideas to transform a boring dining room into something fabulous! Feel free to email me with your questions. I would be happy to help you and give you some advice for your space.

Here are a couple of resources on Dining Room Decorating.


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