Thursday, July 10, 2008

Old World Plaster Question

In response to the blog post: Small Bathroom - Old World Plaster

"Your plaster job in the empty bathroom....did you paint your
walls with satin paint before the glaze and what mixture did you use to make
your glazes to use with the big sponge? I am trying to correct a bad plaster job
that was done with joint compound. It was very thick and choppy. I have sanded
and lightly skip troweled on some more compound. Now what is the best way to
finish? Thanks Denise"

Hi Denise, I would be happy to answer your questions.

First of all, I did not use satin finish paint, I actually used Benjamin Moore's Pearl finish latex paint as my base on top of the troweled on texture paint. The mixture I used to make my glaze is 2 parts paint to 2 parts glaze, so in other words, half and half.

If you are fixing a plaster job done with joint compound, you will need to use a primer before you base coat your walls. The great thing about Behr Texture Paint, is a primer is not necessary. You can just paint right on it.

Before you prime, make sure the walls are clear of any residual dust left from sanding.

After you prime, you can then base coat your walls with 3 coats of latex paint (satin finish is fine). Then mix your glaze and wash it into the wall with a large sponge. Clean the sponge off in a bucket of water and then wash off the glaze. The glaze will settle in all the recessed areas and the base color will show through on the raised areas.

Good luck! DAWN


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