Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bathroom Faux Finish Ideas

All the pictures below are of bathrooms that I have done over the years.

A bathroom or powder room is a great place to try out a faux paint finish. Because a bathroom is not a main living space and you only spend a limited amount of time there. Why not try something bold and daring like painted stripes or an allover stencil pattern? You don't need to stay safe by choosing neutral colors to complement the tile and fixtures. Try a color that will stand out and bring life and energy.

Here is a marble finish that I did with 3 different shades of color.

This is a soft sponge wash finish.

I LOVE painted stripes! I used 3 different colors, but I did one stripe in a gloss finish.

This is one of my favorite bathrooms. I did all the cabinets, trim, and mouldings. I did an antique finish and finished the off the room by painting the walls a deep olive green. Gorgeous!. Click here to see more pictures.

This last picture is of the old world plaster finish. This finish can be done in any color. Click here to learn more about this finish.

Check out these great books on bathroom remodeling:

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